Ease of control and speed of interaction

Keep detailed record of all the local suppliers with the possibility of a partnership with them in 1 click

Single database of contacts and counterparties

Create a single database of contacts and counterparties of your company. Hotel-Face CRM stores all contact details and addresses with the possibility of being viewed on the map, career and profiles in social networking services, the structure of organizations and interconnections within the holdings. With the portrait of the partner you can build the right strategy of interaction to improve relationships with counterparties and contacts

Profile completeness

Manage the completeness of information about your partners and their active transactions. The manager can easily identify important clients and transactions, for which they don't have enough data, and the executives quickly assess the completeness of customer data by the sales portfolio, make sure that all relevant information is present in the system, and in the case of gaps inform the managers about the need to supplement missing data


Segment your contacts and counterparties to understand the structure of your customer base. You can group companies by industry and annual turnover, mark the higher priority customers or categories as favorites for quick access to information. In dynamic groups, which are filled automatically according to specified parameters, you can, for example, select new companies or those customers you haven't contacted for over a month

History of relationships

Build relationships with partners based on the complete history of your communication. The system fixes all meetings, phone calls and letters, contracts, sales, orders and bills in the binding to contacts and counterparties. Thanks to this you can estimate the length and completeness of the work with the partner, change the tactics of interaction, and draw necessary conclusions