Collect, Analyze, Manage...

Now, with Hotel-Face CRM, you wield limitless possibilities for analysis and further improvement of the performance of all hotel indices

You cannot even imagine what a powerful tool you have in your hands, where each guest is using the mobile app Hotel-Face, and you on your part see all the actions and preferences of each guest. Moreover, you can see it during any period you are interested in and for any groups of guests

Creation of reports and statistical charts in real-time

According to data entered and stored in the system, the manager can easily customize their own reports and statistical summaries. Moreover, in order to get illustrative statistical data you can create an unlimited number of visual charts that can be displayed in any section of the system

Share values

You have the possibility to easily adjust the discharge of reports in the format convenient for you: printing, creation of PDF and other formats, sending to Email, SMS, etc.

Automate reporting

Hotel-Face CRM allows you to configure the automatic generation of reporting you need and the sending of it to an Email or other systems

Also, the manager can configure trigger events, at the triggering of which a reporting will be generated and sent or stored

Comprehensive analytics in a single window

Get a comprehensive analytics on the work of your entire company in a single window. Show visual statistics in the form of graphs, use both separate indicators and a comprehensive method. You can analyze how many sales were made during the week or compare the effectiveness of managers. The charts are easily configured based on indicators necessary to you

Understanding is the best way to improve

Reports, graphs, control panels, intelligent monitoring system for each user action

Create individual reports on profits, efficiency, engagement, etc.

Compare the obtained results between periods and departments

Enjoy full logging and analytics of any act committed by the guest, as well as the employee

Increase RevPOR and RevPAR

Analyze and adjust the strategy to increase RevPOR and RevPAR

The hotel needs accurate statistics on the effectiveness, in order to effectively manage the company. Analytics and statistics in the control panel give in real time a full idea on how your marketing efforts affect your income, how effectively the whole team works and where to focus the efforts on improving