Improve the quality of service provided

Analyzing every request and time for its processing, your managers have possibility to improve quality of services and delight your guests constantly.

The system of requests and memos bounding to calendar

All requests and memos are linked to local time of hotel, in spite of the time, which is on each guests smartphone.

Single register of requests

Accumulate all requests from guests and staff in one section of the system. All queries are divided into categories: Problems, Comments, Complaints, Consultations, Ideas, the system also allows you to define responsible person and a group of performers, regulate the time frame for processing and manage communications within requests.

History of requests processing

Manage history of requests processing. You can track the routing of inquiries, completed tasks.

Inquiries Analytics

Analyze the efficiency of requests processing and quality of service processes using customized control panel. You can control the level of guest satisfaction, the percentage of delayed inquiries, the dynamics of the solutions, and current load of staff support services