Increase RevPOR

Let the guests book the rooms, order food and beverages, also SPA services and others through mobile application

Unified record of all company sales

Manage all the sales through one division of the system

Orienting on client budget, his activity and his readiness to new purchases, make sales forecast

Full history about each sale

About each sale, independently of its status, full history of operation is stored: activity, correspondence, discussion in taps, files and commentaries. While analyzing the operation it is possible to return to any level of relationships with the guest, relying on the course of events

Requirements analysis

Analyze and specify guests’ requirements, relying on collected information in control panel. Along this stage the system suggests, which information you need specify from the guest for successful continuation of a deal


Choose appropriate presentation for the client from knowledge base, where materials about all products and services in your company is collected

Key contacts selection

Raise sales efficiency, directing your efforts only to key guests. The System will allow to fix guests list, specify the level of their capacity, loyalty and main motivating factors

Sales funnel

Analyze the effectiveness of the work of managers at each stage of the deal, using the sales funnel. You can evaluate the conversion between stages, completeness of funnel, compare funnel of individual managers or departments. The system gives you an opportunity to delve into a particular stage and see the number, the sum of sales and those who are responsible for deal

Information about client requirements

Record the evident needs of clients in product or service of the company and create perceived needs to identify products that might interest the customer in the future. The system allows you to view the current status of needs quickly, as well as create new

Analysis of the plan implementation

Evaluate sales plan implementation, using the tools of plan-factual analysis. While calculating the results you can take into account the sum of closed sales, and the amount of potential deals, which are in the funnel. The sum is calculated, taking into account the probability of successful completing transaction. With the help of the system directors and managers can analyze operational efficiency and make the process of achieving the goals transparent and understandable

Sales Analytics

Get a cut of sales for all necessary factors on a single screen. You can see the sales dynamics and analyze the current state, assess the effectiveness of managers and choose the best. A convenient control panel will help determine what is happening the Sales Department right now