Single Register of orders

Manage all your company's orders in Smart Mobile Hotel CRM. You can group orders by execution stage, budget, groups of products and services, and by responsible executors. Check the current status on key orders of your company and analyze the execution of orders

Single window for order processing

Process orders coming from different channels in a matter of minutes. In one window you can create an order by a ready to use template just in a few clicks, select products, fix and check all the details of your order and issue a bill to the client

History of order fulfillment

Maintain the full history for each order: correspondence, comments, internal discussion feed — all in one place. In the case of complex orders, the system will distribute them automatically to sections and the guest will receive high-quality service

Account management and payment control

Create bills, using standard templates in Smart Mobile Hotel CRM, based on information already existing in the system. The system will generate a printable form of bill and will remind the designated employee about the approaching date of payment that would allow a simple and efficient process of working with accounts

Mobile orders

Platform Hotel-Face also allows you to take orders from guests directly through the service interface of the mobile application. The system will help you to select the products and write up an order based on previous orders of the visitor. You can operate in a convenient work mode: online or offline, depending on the availability of an Internet connection

Analytics of orders and bills

Analyze your orders and bills in the section from the point of view of managers and guests. Track orders, payment term of which is approaching. Analytics will help you to identify bottlenecks in the work with orders and ensure the fulfilment of commitments in time.