First of all targeting

By using Hotel-Face CRM targeting tools, you will always have the highest conversion rate

The higher the relevance of each offer to the guest, the warmer the attitude of guests towards the information coming from the hotel

Trigger letters

React to client's each event and use every opportunity to nurture the client's needs. Set the sending of trigger emails, which can be launched on the basis of a chain of user actions in the application or any other event: birthday, registration, comparison of goods, abandoned basket, etc. Restore communication with customers who did not make a purchase for a long time and create audience segments on various parameters by using filtering tools


Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns, analyze campaigns by the number of generated leads and the conversion between the steps. The system provides both general and detailed statistics on the fulfilment of campaigns and helps to find opportunities for improvement


Keep an individual dialogue with the client. Start the letters with a personal appeal and fill them with content relevant for them. Now it's easy to do - the system provides all the necessary customer data, and the integrated macros help you to quickly create a message

Analysis of link clicks

Determine the customer interest based on mailing results by analyzing the clicks on each of the links in the message. The diagram of clicks allows you to choose the optimal time for communications, and the heat map of clicks to determine the most popular links and to clarify the interests of customers

Limitations on the amount of communications

The Hotel-Face CRM has integrated tools to control the number of messages sent to recipients. You can limit the number of communications with the guest, in order not to overload them with unnecessary information. Set limits on the number of emails per day, week or month

Also, the guest can configure the filtering of incoming messages through their mobile app

Analytics based on the results of mailing

Manage the effectiveness of mailings with the help of a ready-to-use set of analytics and reporting. The total number of discoveries will allow to understand the relevance of the theme for message recipients. The mailing will also be improved by click analytics: delivered, opened, replied, etc.