The flexibility of offers is the key to success

Gone are the days when guests were satisfied with special offers only for Christmas.

Guests have become demanding and selective. Guests love not only discounts, but personal attention and offers

With Hotel-Face CRM you can create the most attractive offers for guest groups, as well as individually for each guest

Timely delivery

Thanks to built-in Hotel-Face tools you can easily analyze the preferences and behavior of guests and send special offers when it is very interesting and topical for the guest

Flexibility and testing

Creating special offers in Hotel-Face CRM is so fast and intuitive that you cannot break away from this fascinating game. Through constant communication with the guest you can track the response of each guest to certain special offers and instantly make adjustments for the next group of guests


The system constantly saves data about all special offers provided by you. Quickly form necessary reports, share them with colleagues and make reasonable decisions to improve the effectiveness of special programs.

The more you try, the more you understand your guests