Plan a variety of activities in Hotel-face CRM: special offers, advertising campaigns, conferences, webinars and other online and offline activities. The system helps you to fix the date and location of each event, select the target audience based on required criteria, form the budget and a team, as well as track responses based on the results of the event

Analytics of events

Analyze the effectiveness of events by using convenient pre-configured control panels. You can group the audience of events by responses in order to get a more structured picture, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign by many other parameters


Communicate with guests during and after the event. Give the guests interactivity

Timely adjustments

When analyzing the responses of guests, you can instantly change the strategy of any event, even in real-time

And also, on the basis of reviews of past events, you can minutely prepare for next one, step by step improving the quality of each activity