Smart Mobile Hotel CRM

Multifunctional platform consisting of several modules
Hotel-Face CRM Work environment for the hotels
Mobile application Hotel-faceFunctional environnment for the guests
Web platform Hotel-FaceFunctional environnment for the guests
  • 1

    A user account

  • 2

    Get acquainted
    With the flexible functionality

    After creation of the account, the full functionality of a platform becomes available to you

  • 3

    Your account

    Using Hotel-Face CRM, it is necessary to fill the information on Places, Services and Events. At the initial stage it will be enough: the baseline information, 2-3 photos, opening hours of institutions, rendering of services and carrying out of events

  • 4

    Mobile application
    Will be immediately filled with data

    The information that you entered, becomes immediately available to your guests in the Hotel-Face Mobile application

Completed this stage

You offer the possibility to the guests, using a mobile application, immediately and at any time, to find out the necessary for them infrastructure, service or event information of the hotel. And also to use the module of requests and addresses, to write comments and complaints, to receive notifications and to make own schedules.

The hotel, in turn, at this stage has an opportunity to receive from guests the comments, complaints and messages about technical problems. At the same time, Hotel-Face CRM immediately runs reports and schedules on the basis of all information incoming from guests.

Just thanks to this stage, the hotel has an opportunity proximately to recognize all its guests, their habits, desires and mood. Possessing this information, the hotel can considerably improve the quality of its services and raise the service level of guests on totally new, high level

  • 5

    Set the prices
    To the hotel's popular services and goods

    Instantly set the prices on the most profitable services and products, you will begin to receive significant additional revenue next day

The extended functionality includes a variety of modules and functions such as:

  • - Flexible, packaging pricing on any variety of services or goods
  • - Targeted delivery of special offers
  • - The system of push-notifications
  • - Online questioning of guests
  • - Partner management

As well as the variety of other useful, highly - efficient modules

  • 6

    To fill the platform

    Using the extended functionality will open for you the boundless opportunities of mobile marketing, online sales, loyalty management and deep statistics and analytics

  • 7

    The gained benefits

    Look how fast has your income increased, how more loyal became your guests and as the rating of your hotel on popular platforms on the Internet has risen. As a result, you, have more free time and steadily growing income