Interface that is loved by users

We try to support the interface of the platform and mobile applications in accordance with the latest trends in the market

Customizing the appearance

On the page of the designer of the system you can set up a workspace in a few clicks, indicating which sections will be displayed to the user of a specific role, as well as the appearance of any page

System configuration by the user

Configure the system in order to see only the information you need - sections, pages, control panels, and any of their indices, i.e. charts, metrics, registers. With the section wizard you can create new sections and edit the existing ones: change the location of the fields, add or hide fields, tabs, details

Customizing of the mobile application

Work in the mobile application only with desired sections, without overloading yourself with unnecessary information. In the wizard of the mobile application the administrator can add or hide categories and sections, as well as customize the page appearance of the mobile version of the system

Cataloged information display

All the information is arrange in catalogs in accordance with the intuitively understandable user logic

Global search

The guests are able to enjoy using a single search, the result of which is an instant display of the entire information relevant to the request in an easy and understandable for the user form