Know your guests by sight

Hotel-Face tracks each request of the guest, as well as stores all preferences and habits of each guest in the profile

Single contact database

Create single contact database of your company. There is detailed information on each guest, contacts, addresses, profiles in social networks in Hotel-Face CRM. Having detailed guest profile, you will be able to build the correct strategy for interaction and to improve relationships with guests.

Profile fullness

Manage the completeness of data of your guests, their needs and activities. The system allows you to assign a weight to each parameter of profile and visualize this data in a convenient form. The Manager can highlight important guests easily, on which he had insufficient data, while the director can assess the completeness of client data rapidly, assure himself that all important information is present in the system and, in the case of gaps he can inform managers about the necessity to complement the missing data


Segment contacts for understanding the structure of your client base. You can group together any convenient groups for you for further work with sending special offers or questioning. And also mark the most priority guests or their categories as Favorites for quick access to information. In the dynamic groups which are filled in automatically based on the specified parameters, you can, for example, select new guests, which do not come into contact more than 3 days

Data enrichment with social networks

Search guests on Facebook and Twitter and get additional data with built-in integration. Information about the contact or company social network is available on one click

Client database analytics

Make considered decisions, relying on the analysis of the customer base. You can highlight key clients on various criteria that will help to determine priorities for development strategies. To obtain the required analytical data, you can easily customize the outcome tools including required indicators

Sociodemographic data

Know your each guest “in face”. Using many parameters you can keep information about marital status, move destinations, significant dates and guest's career. This will help you to understand better your guests’ needs and build a truly personal communication

History of clients events

Track purchasing and non-purchasing activity of guests: activity in your application, history of orders and requires. Build communications, based on these data. Consider the guests readiness for purchasing and choose the correct time for communications