Registry of changes

Plan in Hotel-Face CRM the implementation of all the changes to eliminate known errors in the infrastructure and improve the quality of provided services. The system helps to keep a single list of required changes, manage priorities and the quality of their implementation

Registration and Classification

Record a passport for each planned change. Define the category and priority, establish links with incidents, problems, and configuration items. Fix information about the team that will work on the change and plan the timing of its realization

Realization and implementation of changes

Monitor the process of implementing changes by tracking actual working hours, the quality of intermediate results, deadlines, arising risks and possible deviations from the plan. Keep track of incidents and problems that were successfully eliminated, history of communication commands by changes, performed works and discovered deviations


At any intermediate stage you can test the created improvements both on all guests and on certain focus groups

This will allow to adjust the basic plan on time and reduce the time of implementation of set tasks


Analyze quantitative and qualitative indicators of process efficiency. Monitor the working hours, the dynamics of the implementation of the changes within the time limit, and the arisen deviations. Keep track of the number of incidents and problems discovered as a result of the implementation of changes

Make decisions about the necessary changes in the infrastructure, taking into account the results of the analysis of the database of identified problems. You can track the problematic services, as well as monitor the dynamics of the problem detection