Single directory of goods and company services

Regardless of the complexity and size of your catalog of goods and services, the system stores a single directory of company's products. In order for the information in the system to be always actual, the product list may be integrated with PMS

Multi-level product catalog

Build a catalog tree, based on the structure of your product portfolio. Products in the catalog can be grouped by type, category, brand, and other parameters. Put new or promotional products into selected groups, thus helping managers to sell not only positions they are familiar with, but also products that are recommended by the company

Single service catalog

Create a single directory of provided services for the systematization of the work of service departments. A topical and complete catalog will help you to regulate the processes of service and offer clients only high-quality and timely service

Categorization of services

Manage categories of services, set service calendars, define the standard deadline of processing of requests for each service. Identify services with the highest priority and track the history of appeals on them

Keeping of product specifications

Secure the specifications of consumer products in the catalog, for example. You can manage an unlimited number of specifications of various types. The use of specifications will allow to structure the directory and quickly select goods taking into account the needs of guests

Single product selection window

Place orders through a single product selection window, where you can quickly find items, see the rest of the product, specify the quantity and discuss with the guest in detail each item, which was added to the basket

Instant product search

Find the right products in the extensive catalog in a matter of seconds. A global search was implemented in the system for an easy selection of products by one or more specifications. Such an opportunity is familiar to visitors of the most advanced online stores allowing you to use the positive experience of online purchases

Analytics of the service catalog

Plan the improvement and development of services based on deep analytics of the service catalog. You can monitor the dynamics of the activation of new services, determine the most popular services, conduct user satisfaction monitoring