We guarantee that within 12 months of using the Hotel-Face platform, the income of orders, derived from the use of Smart Mobile Hotel CRM, will exceed the cost of the annual subscription fee by at least 50 times!!!

If this doesn't happen

Terms and conditions

    1. You need to fill your account of Hotel-Face CRM with complete and accurate information about your hotel (Places, Services, Events, Products).

      Specify attractive rates and constantly create interesting special offers for guests

    2. You need to constantly inform each guest about the mobile app in your hotel:

      - place advertising materials at the front desk, in elevators, rooms, restaurants and other places of your hotel that guests visit

      - place information about the mobile application in the text of the reservation confirmation email as well as the email signature of each hotel employee

      - create weekly attractive special offers that are only available through the mobile application

      - place information about the mobile application on your website

      at least once per week write a post on your Facebook and/or Twitter account about special offers in your hotel, accessible only via this mobile app

      each member of staff needs to know about the mobile application and, whenever possible, inform guests, with whom they are in contact, about the application

    3. You need to select at least 1 hotel employee to handle incoming orders in Hotel-Face CRM

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