Contacts and counterparties

Get access to all basic customer information from a mobile device. The staff can work freely with the contacts, i.e. add new special offers, call and write messages to guests directly from the mobile application

Activities and meetings

By using a smartphone or tablet you can schedule tasks, meetings or calls in the system, fix completed activities, synchronize actions with the plans of your colleagues


Manage the sales wherever you are. You can view the complete history for each sale, specify the parameters or plan your next steps


You can view a list of customer needs, fix new interests, as well as track changes of the lead's state at any time convenient to you

Modes of operation: online or offline

Choose the modes of operation convenient for you: online or offline, depending on the availability of the Internet connection. In any case, you will have all the necessary data at hand

Always up-to-date

No matter what the guests do, you are always aware of what is happening in real-time