Single document storage

Keep convenient commercial circulation of documents for your company. Register all kinds of documents with binding to the guest, sale, and order in the system. You can attach a scanned copy of the document for a quick and easy access or create a document file by a pre-customized template, automatically filling it with data from the system. Save the change history and the chronology of activities for each document

Management of related documents

Build a hierarchy of subordinate documents according to the categorization accepted in your company. The system allows you to store the interconnections between documents and use them to quickly jump from one document to another

Single register of contracts

Keep all of the company's agreements as well as associated specifications and additional agreements in a single registry. The system allows you to quickly create several agreements on different billing information out of a single order. By specifying on the card of the contract all important data, you can attach a scanned copy of the original and keep change history

Templates of printed forms

Create a ready to print document in a matter of seconds. You can prepare a printed form of the contract by a pre-customized template. The system will automatically fill in all the required fields which you can edit if necessary