Management of users and roles

Delimit the rights of data access for various user roles using flexible settings of the platform. You can configure access to specific catalogs, records or operations, as well as specify which sections the user of a specific role will see in the workplace

Logging of user actions

The journal saves operations with any data and allows you to quickly understand the chronology of events in the system: what was done, by whom and when

Configuration of differentiated user access to various types of information

The work in the system is provided taking into account different levels of access. The manager can instantly change the level of access to the records created by them for other users

Determination of personal operation options in the system for each user

By using the user preference module it is possible, for example, to set the parameters of automatic binding of email messages or individually define the authentication method. In addition, for each user there is stored a personal profile, i.e. type of data display in system sections